EE06 FORGOTTEN ODES Elegant and luxurious, Forgotten Odes is a neoclassical odyssey brimming with heightened emotion and drama. This brilliant collection features works that evoke secret rendezvous, monarchial mischief, and conspiracy in royal houses with themes that are both modern and classic. Featuring music recorded live by the London Philharmonia at Abbey Road Studios in London. […]


EE05 DRUMSCORES Drumscores is a riveting compilation of 15 percussion-fueled tracks live-recorded at the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London. With kinetic pacing and signature sound design accents, these compositions pack a colossal punch. STREAM + DOWNLOAD SOURCE AUDIO Featuring works byCyrus ReynoldsPiotr MusialJason GravesFlynn Hase SpenceRamprasad SundarRyan Amon


EE04 DOOMSDAY Doomsday is a sleek, tension-filled glimpse into the future. Driven by a unique marriage of analog synths and live orchestral recordings, this massive 12 track album confidently barrels through ultra-modern landscapes packed with life-threatening action. This project was recorded live by the 85 piece Four For Music Orchestra & Choir in Sofia, Bulgaria. STREAM […]


EE03 ETERNAL TOOLS VOL 1 Eternal Tools Vol. 1 is an essential sound design tool kit carefully composed by Cyrus Reynolds. Built upon organic field recordings and enhanced with additional percussion and sound design live-recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London, this multifaceted collection of unique and original sound design is a must-have for […]


EE02 WINGS OF APOCALYPSE Good battles evil. A hero rises against impossible odds. Wings of Apocalypse brings a modern edge to the classic clash of darkness and light. This epic 14 track album was recorded live by the 125 piece Capellen Orchestra & Choir in Ziln, Czech Republic. A thrilling action-packed adventurous collection of mythic proportions. […]


EE01 FOUNTAIN OF ETERNITY Ranging from inspirational soaring wonder to the deepest depths of melancholy and heartbreak, our first release is an epic orchestral journey of magic and drama transporting the listener to another world of immense beauty and scale. This inspired 15 track project was recorded live by the 125 piece Capellen Orchestra & Choir […]